Located in air-conditioned overpressurised facilities, the assembly division is responsible for the following activities: driving, riveting, laser welding, clearance adjustment, torque adjustment and friction adjustment.


Quality Control

Azurea offers constantly updated control methods and equipment that uses new technologies: 2 BMesure, 4 Marcel Aubert, 2 3D machines, as well as several measuring devices connected to our Quick Control data entry system.



Our fleet of over 80 CMC (Citizen, Star, Tornos) automatic lathes allows us to offer a wide range of parts up to 38mm in the fields of watchmaking and equipment.

The main materials used are carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, various copper alloys and some plastics.


Watch Decorating

Like the time, his keepers are unique and valuable items. It is to respect this doctrine that Azurea employs its know-how. Because components aren’t only a technical part of the Timepieces, we strongly believe that their decorating and then their particularity are all the special features that make exceptional components. Azurea proposes a wide range of watch decorating:

The colimmaçonnage
- The moldings diamonds and angles
- Turn hole purching
- The softening circular
- The Centerless grinding


A design department with several qualified engineers helps us support customers to develop new products and production processes.


In order to be able to provide all the steps present in the product range we offer a wide range of methods in terms of polishing:

Polishing plane and bulk:
- Blocking plan timepieces
- Several qualities:
- Polished black
- Polishing bulk
- Quenching/ Income
- Blueing


To give our watch components a polished surface and a more important resistance, we focus on a Rolling Department that provides efficiency and respect of the timelines. Azurea has equipments and skilled employees, able to perform various operations:

- Rolling rounded tips
- Rolling flat ends
- Rolling diameter / barrel sides trees
- Rolling pin + face
- Rolling winding stems
- Rolling angles
- Rolling blanks (Dégusite)
- Rolling hard metal
- Rolling through the automatic feeder W20 mechanical Strausak 119 and 70


Our cutting department can boast a top-notch efficiency. Azurea provides a multitude of different operations:

- The cutting front
- The cutting diameter
- The chamfered cutting
- The stamping
- Polish teeth/ angles
- The centerless grinding

By our equipments, such as MYCRONA Quadracheck and Quickcontrol, we are able to guarantee a higher quality.

Surface Treatment

Our Surface Division offers the following types of plating: 2N18, 3N18 and 5N18 gilding, AuCuCd gilding, rhodium-plating, chemical nickel and electroplated nickel.

A Fisherscope enables documented measurements and quality monitoring.

Heat Treatment

Azurea has several pieces of equipment for hardening carbon (20AP) and stainless steel.

A special oven allows us to blue polished components.


Azurea performs high-precision machining such as:

- Recovery operations
- Shooting
- Milling
- Drilling

With our new equipment composed by CNC lathes, we are able to provide a wide range of parts while maintaining the technical characteristics and complexity of each.